Here Kitty, Kitty

This summer I have been busy knitting up a set of little toys.  These have all been to help reduce my stash of left over yarn, that is too small for most projects.  These little kitties were a great match. 

I began with a free pattern I found on Ravelry (here).  The body of the cat knitted up very quickly.

It should be as no surprise to my regular readers that I did make a few changes.  The major change I made was to the tail.  I only used 3 stitches to create the i-cord tail.  This created a slightly smaller tail, but I am happier with it.

I also modified the face features just a little.  Instead of having multiple whiskers, I used one piece of string and frayed the ends.  Two glass beads were used for the eyes.  I did find it was easier to add the facial features before sewing the top of the cat closed.

Happy Knitting.


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