AHG Badge Help – Cake Decorating #7


The cake decorating merit badge is always a favorite with Tenderhearts and Explorers.  Today I wanted to share a set of cakes my Explorers created to complete requirement #7.  All of these cakes were created from 8 inch round cakes.

Each girl picked her design and cut the cake.  I realize they are not perfect, but that is not the goal. Besides, it is harder than you might think to frost a cut cake and not get crumbs everywhere.

The one tip I have for completing this requirement is to refrigerate the cake before cutting them.  This helps for firm up the cake.  A crumb coat of frosting is essential in this type of project.  The girls were all pleased with their cakes, the parents were proud of them, and they tasted yummy.  I count this a win all around.







One thought on “AHG Badge Help – Cake Decorating #7

  1. I am sure this was their first attempt and it looks awesome! They did a great job! I did cake decorating once when I was a youth leader and the kids loved it and sold it the next day after church and made a ton for their trip.

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