Koala Bear

Recently I knitted this cute little koala.  At just over 3 inches, he is the perfect size for little hands. 

I began with a free pattern for a koala I found on Ravelry (here).  I did make quite a few changes.  But I want to credit the original pattern as my inspiration. The only parts I ended up using were the ears, stomach panel and nose.  And we all know the ears are the most important part, for without them he would not look like a koala bear at all.

First was the body, I disliked how it turned out so I knitted the body of the monkey I had knitted previously. (Monkey can be found here).

The poor little fellow had no arms or legs.  Using the same monkey pattern, I created arms and legs. But they are a little shorter than monkey arms.

I created the eyes using a pair of 6 mm beads, that were sewn in place before I stuffed the head.

Happy Knitting.







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