Alphabet Baby Blanket

Baby blanketAfter a few set backs, I am finally finished with the Alphabet Baby Blanket that I began a couple of months back.  The pictures do not do it justice.

I first dreamed of this project in 2013 after knitting one of the letter B dishcloths by Rhonda White. Needing a baby gift for a shower, I finally began knitting this blanket earlier this year.

I used #4 knitting needles and over 1000 yards of baby sport yarn.  The blanket was knit in strips and then sewn together.

I am elated to be finished with this project. For the last little bit was a beast.  I just could not quite get it finished and it was too large to travel with easily.

Now for another project. Hmmm, what to knit?


One thought on “Alphabet Baby Blanket

  1. It’s a beautiful blanket, and I love the color choices. I love the idea of making baby garments, because they don’t take as long as adult garments, but I don’t have any babies around me to measure for fitting. The last time I made a baby hat and vest they were too small. Winter is coming soon. I think a sweater project might be nice. 😊

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