Baby Blanket, week 1

I usually do not post my projects until they are complete, but I thought I would change things up for this project.

Back in early 2013, I completed a letter B dishcloth. The pattern came from a dishcloth set of the entire alphabet.  At that time, I thought that they could make a delightful baby blanket.  However,  no one in my family is expecting to have any more children.

Recently, a friend announced that she was expecting. In addition to being delighted for her, I wanted to start on a baby blanket for her.

I began by designing my project in Excel.

baby blanket design

Because she does not like to find out the gender of the baby, I opted for yellow and green. Each block will have a white border.  My goal is to have it completed in 6-8 weeks.  I have not decided what to do with the four corner blocks.  I may leave them blank or add baby items.

The pattern for each block can be found on Ravelry. I am using #4 needles and Bernat Baby Sport weight yarn.

I will be knitting the blanket is strips. The pattern has each letter knit from the bottom up, so I began with the letter X.

After one week I have one letter strip and one border strip. I decided to assemble as I go. I hate the assembling of projects so this will prevent me from having to complete it all at one time.

baby blanket week 1


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