Boot cuffs

My sister requested a pair of boot cuffs; and I aim to please.  Ribbed boot cuffs, free pattern | Life of Momma B

Living in the Northeast, winters can be quite brutal.  The cold wind will cut right through you. Boot cuffs help to keep the cold  from seeping into the gap between your pants leg and the top of your boot.

I found a free pattern for a pair of reversible cuffs on the blog Everyday Art.  Because they are two toned it is like getting two pair for the work of one.  I opted for black and tan because 85% of her wardrobe will match one of these colors.

Based upon several Ravelry reviews, I increased the size by casting on 52 stitches.  They were massive and that one ended up in the trash. I hate to disassemble a small project and have tiny scraps of yarn.

The final pair was made casting on 48 stitches. They fit me great and I wear a size XL.  They were not to tight.  They also fit my sister who wears a size 6.

I opted to use Jeny’s Suprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. Instructions for this can be found on YouTube.  Don’t forget to use a jogless stripe join when changing colors. It will make a huge difference in the finished product.


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