Blue Bell Hat


Recently I had the chance to test knit two hats for Stana’s Critters. This first hat is my favorite. It resembles a flower. Each petal is knit separately, then joined to form the base of the hat.  It used a little bit of green from my stash to create an i-cord calyx. (Why yes, I do homeschool my children and we recently studies parts of the flower.)

As I told Stana, I love, love, love this hat! I only had one problem with it. My daughter is 11 and thinks she is too big for a hat like this. It would be perfect for a little girl. So I have included in the box of hats to go to the orphanage in Kenya.

When the pattern is released I will update this post.

Happy Knitting.

UPDATE: The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry here.


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