Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

This hat is one of two hats that I test knitted for Stana’s Critters. It features a wide brim and would be the perfect hat for a cool spring. It keeps the sun out of your eyes, while keeping your head warm. Of course since I live in Florida we do not need hats in the spring, but some climates do. The pattern came in a variety of sizes and knits up quickly, especially after the brim is complete.

I will update this post when the pattern becomes available for this is a great pattern that I am glad to have in my library.

If you are following along with the hats going to the orphanage in Kenya as part of Craft Hope project #25 this is the last item being sent. Here is a full list of the hats and toys that I have knitted.

Most of the patterns are available for free. I have so enjoyed knitting these hats. My prayer is that some child will feel a little bit of love with each of these items.  My daughter recently read the book Theresa of Calcutta in school and I was inspired to use the talents and resources that God has given me to bless the lives of others. What an impact we could make if we all did a little, but with great love.



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