AHG Badge Help – Gardening and Plant Science #4

GardeningThe teacher in me loves the science related badges.  As we homeschool, I find that our curriculum often overlaps with badge work.  This experiment is a classic example of one that we performed in “school”.

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Memory Board

Memory board | Life of Momma BHave you ever noticed that every place you go there is a gift shop, and you cannot leave without walking through it. As homeschoolers who travel a lot we have been to a lot of unique places.

Years ago, the kids started collecting postcards at each place.  We find them to be budget friendly and they do not create “too much” clutter.  We have tried several different ways of displaying them, but none seem to work well… until now. Continue reading “Memory Board”

Blue Bell Hat


Recently I had the chance to test knit two hats for Stana’s Critters. This first hat is my favorite. It resembles a flower. Each petal is knit separately, then joined to form the base of the hat.  It used a little bit of green from my stash to create an i-cord calyx. (Why yes, I do homeschool my children and we recently studies parts of the flower.)

As I told Stana, I love, love, love this hat! I only had one problem with it. My daughter is 11 and thinks she is too big for a hat like this. It would be perfect for a little girl. So I have included in the box of hats to go to the orphanage in Kenya.

When the pattern is released I will update this post.

Happy Knitting.

UPDATE: The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry here.

Where did time go…

I know that I have been away from my blog for a while, but I am trying to keep many plates spinning at the same time.

Since purchasing my new van in May (read that story here), I have put over 10,000 miles on my van. Considering I am a stay-at-home mom that does not work outside the home and can go days without leaving the house, that is a lot. Those miles consist of 4 trips to Alabama to help my dad with his rotator cuff and his surgery; 1 trip to the DC area to visit my sister / family vacation, 1 trip to Tennessee for AHG summer camp, and 2 trips to Florida to look for a new house. In the last 66 days I have only spent 23 days in my own bed.

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that in July my dear sweet hubby was laid off from his job in North Carolina. You remember this job. The one that the company paid to move us across country for earlier this year. Only to lay him off less than a year later without warning. The positive note to all of this is that he was able to find a job quickly. However, it is in Florida. So we are in the midst of preparing for another move once we find a house. Two moves in one year is no fun!

While all of my belongings are in North Carolina, I am spending my days in a VERY SMALL motel room. Since we did not receive a relocation package with this job, and are thankful to have a job, the budget does not allow for much more. This means I am also homeschooling in the motel room while trying to keep a dog quiet. As my husband says “Have books, will travel”. This also means that I am without a kitchen. Currently I am living on meals that can be cooked in a slow-cooker, or microwaved, so a lot of convenience type foods. My morning are spent teaching and my afternoons and evenings house hunting.

I forget how much I abhor house hunting. I have spent countless hours riding around town with the realtor looking a house. I think I could write an entire post on the “joys” of house hunting and horrors that I have seen. I will sum it up by saying that realtors who write the house descriptions must have a very vivid imagination.

My goal is to find some time between all of this to write more, so please be patient with me. I will return soon.

It’s Strawberry Season

How did you spend Memorial Day Weekend? Family? Bar-B-Que? Swimming Pools? Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom?

memorialdayFirst, let me begin by saying. I am proud of our military personnel. When these men and women enlist, they are willing to give their lives. They agree to serve us 24 hours a day. Unlike most of us, if we don’t like our jobs we can change, but these brave men and women sign a contract that they will serve for 4 years, sometimes longer. They will do whatever is asked of them, regardless to the cost to themselves or their family. They will pick up and move upon request and leave behind friends and family. They will put themselves in harms way regardless to whether they agree with the cause or not. They agree to die for us and our freedoms, and many have. How can words ever express our appreciation? For their is no way to repay them for all they do.

But I digress, I was able to spend Memorial Day Weekend with my family. We spent the first part of the weekend at the NCHE Homeschool Convention in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It was nice to get away for a few days. When we returned we went and picked strawberries. Four gallons to be exact. This means that Memorial Day was spent processing strawberries.

What did I do with 4 gallons of strawberries you ask. Here is a list of things that I did with them.

  • Fresh Strawberries topped with whipped cream by the bowl full
  • Angel Food cake with fresh sliced strawberries
  • Dehydrated strawberries for later use (great for cereal – think Special K with Strawberries)
  • Strawberry ice-cream topping (recipe to follow)
  • Homemade jam (recipe to follow)
  • Real fruit snacks (recipe to follow)
  • Froze the rest for later

I thought I would spend the next couple of days sharing these recipes so stay turned.


But don’t worry I did get some bar-b-que (smoked chicken to be precise).