Memory Board

Memory board | Life of Momma BHave you ever noticed that every place you go there is a gift shop, and you cannot leave without walking through it. As homeschoolers who travel a lot we have been to a lot of unique places.

Years ago, the kids started collecting postcards at each place.  We find them to be budget friendly and they do not create “too much” clutter.  We have tried several different ways of displaying them, but none seem to work well… until now.

I went to the hardware store and picked up an inexpensive piece of molding. Using my miter box, I created a simple frame. I then stained each piece of wood the same color as I stained my son’s dresser. The four pieces are mounted directly to the wall with small nails.

Before hanging it on the wall, I added eye screws to the side pieces. After it was hung, I added the wire.  The wire is heavy jewelry wire that is fastened with crimp beads.

The postcards are hung with paper clips.  I had planned to switch them out for mini-clothes pins, but my son prefers the paper clips.  He also likes how he can change out the cards and easily add new ones.

Pictured is only a portion of his postcard collection.


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