National Gumbo Day

As the weather is starting to turn cooler and we are longing for something warm and comforting, gumbo is the perfect dish. Gumbo is a hearty stew-like dish loaded with flavor, and a little bit of spice, served over a bowl of steaming hot rice. I have shared my recipe in January (here). So head on over and make a pot for dinner tonight or print the recipe to save for another night.

Gumbo has always been a sore subject at my house. I grew up eating gumbo with okra. My husband detests okra. Not only does he not like the texture of boiled okra, he also hates the taste and will not even eat fried okra. So, for most of our marriage I made it without. But it was never quite right. My husband knowing how much I missed okra finally agreed to let me add it. Since then, he has come to accept okra and has encouraged me to make it with okra ever since.

Happy Gumbo Day!

gumbo 1


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