Pasta Primavera

Foods we enjoy as adults depends greatly on what we ate growing up. When my husband and I got married he did not eat many vegetables. This was due to the fact his mother always cooked them until they were mushy.

Cauliflower is one of the vegetables he refused to eat. One day several years ago we had a disagreement about different taste in foods. He agreed to eat whatever I fixed that night for dinner. I made Pasta Primavera. He now will eat cauliflower in this dish and even requests that I make it.

This recipe is quick and easy to make. In the time it takes to cook spaghetti noodles, dinner is ready.

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Slow-cooker Chili

Brrrrr. It is cold outside! Here in Florida we will barely get above freezing. On days like today, I am thankful to be able to stay at home and not have to get out and face the elements. Yes, I know that it is colder in other parts of the country, but one month ago it was 85 and I was wearing shorts and flip-flops.  I know, I know, pull up my big girl panties and deal with it.

Now back to the topic at hand…

It is time to make something for dinner that will warm you from the inside out. I have two options for you. The first is Gumbo that was originally posted last year. I also have a new recipe for you today – Chili.  Now, I am not talking about “five-alarm” chili that burns on the way down, but a mild to medium heat chili.


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National Gumbo Day

As the weather is starting to turn cooler and we are longing for something warm and comforting, gumbo is the perfect dish. Gumbo is a hearty stew-like dish loaded with flavor, and a little bit of spice, served over a bowl of steaming hot rice. I have shared my recipe in January (here). So head on over and make a pot for dinner tonight or print the recipe to save for another night.

Gumbo has always been a sore subject at my house. I grew up eating gumbo with okra. My husband detests okra. Not only does he not like the texture of boiled okra, he also hates the taste and will not even eat fried okra. So, for most of our marriage I made it without. But it was never quite right. My husband knowing how much I missed okra finally agreed to let me add it. Since then, he has come to accept okra and has encouraged me to make it with okra ever since.

Happy Gumbo Day!

gumbo 1

Where did time go…

I know that I have been away from my blog for a while, but I am trying to keep many plates spinning at the same time.

Since purchasing my new van in May (read that story here), I have put over 10,000 miles on my van. Considering I am a stay-at-home mom that does not work outside the home and can go days without leaving the house, that is a lot. Those miles consist of 4 trips to Alabama to help my dad with his rotator cuff and his surgery; 1 trip to the DC area to visit my sister / family vacation, 1 trip to Tennessee for AHG summer camp, and 2 trips to Florida to look for a new house. In the last 66 days I have only spent 23 days in my own bed.

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that in July my dear sweet hubby was laid off from his job in North Carolina. You remember this job. The one that the company paid to move us across country for earlier this year. Only to lay him off less than a year later without warning. The positive note to all of this is that he was able to find a job quickly. However, it is in Florida. So we are in the midst of preparing for another move once we find a house. Two moves in one year is no fun!

While all of my belongings are in North Carolina, I am spending my days in a VERY SMALL motel room. Since we did not receive a relocation package with this job, and are thankful to have a job, the budget does not allow for much more. This means I am also homeschooling in the motel room while trying to keep a dog quiet. As my husband says “Have books, will travel”. This also means that I am without a kitchen. Currently I am living on meals that can be cooked in a slow-cooker, or microwaved, so a lot of convenience type foods. My morning are spent teaching and my afternoons and evenings house hunting.

I forget how much I abhor house hunting. I have spent countless hours riding around town with the realtor looking a house. I think I could write an entire post on the “joys” of house hunting and horrors that I have seen. I will sum it up by saying that realtors who write the house descriptions must have a very vivid imagination.

My goal is to find some time between all of this to write more, so please be patient with me. I will return soon.