Wrinkled Heart SWAPS

Do you have a wrinkled heart? Not sure what a wrinkled heart is, let me explain. Do you remember what the class bully said to you in 3rd grade? Do you remember the mean words your best friend in high school said when you were having a fight? Do you remember the unkind words of your spouse in a heated moment? Sure, we all do. Those are wrinkles in our heart. No matter how many times you have forgiven the other person, satan still uses those words to create self-doubt, and insecurities within us. Those wrinkles are very hard to heal and only by God’s grace will that ever happen.In an attempt to encourage the girls at camp to choose their words wisely, I created the first SWAPS for the week.

Wrinkled Heart SWAP

This was a super quick SWAPS to make. I began by cutting out hearts from construction paper with my Cricut using the George and Basic Shapes cartridge that came with the machine. I then crumbled each heart up and then “re-flattened” it. All that was left was to add a tag. If you would like to make this SWAPS you can download and print the SWAPS tag below. If you are making this or any SWAPS don’t forget to add your name and troop number somewhere on the SWAPS. The back of the tag works great for this.
wrinkled heart

NOTE: The idea came from an elementary school counselor (here).


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