AHG Friendship Seeds SWAPS

I love SWAPS! What’s not to love? They are cute tiny handmade items with safety pins for trading. The only problem with making SWAPS is the time needed to make them. Since I made almost 200 SWAPS for camp I needed easy SWAPS that were also inexpensive to make. So after scouring the internet I decided that I would make AHG Friendship Seeds.

AHG Friendship Seeds

There are many different “Friendship Seeds” floating around the internet, but none seemed just right. So, with the help of my very talented husband we created the text. The words were printed on paper and placed in a 2×3 zipper bag with a few seed beads. Nothing could be quicker!

If you would like to make some here is the poem ready for you to use. Just print and cut on the dotted lines. (AHG Friendship Seed Poem)


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