I’m back!

While I have been away the “Life of Momma B” has been busy. First and most importantly, I have a new laptop! This means I will return to blogging so get ready, I have several posts that I have been saving. This also means I have had to learn how to use Windows 8.

For those who have not had the JOY of using it (and I use the term very loosely) you are in for a real treat. As I have stated before I am not overly technical. I consider myself an average computer user with a decent education, but what was Microsoft thinking when they created this.  In my opinion they tried to combine an operating system for a tablet, with its apps, with the existing Windows system.  Closing apps is difficult. I should have realized it would be bad when Windows had to include instructions on how to use the operating system.  I seriously dislike Windows 8. Why did I get it you ask… All of the new laptops come with it so if you are planning on buying a new PC in the near future get ready.

This past weekend my brother-in-law came to visit. He is a techy nerd to the fullest (and I am thankful he is, every family needs one). He is a computer programmer and has lots of experience with technology as a whole. He had not had a chance to try Windows 8 yet, except in the store demo and I was encouraged to find him shaking his head in frustration at the thing.  This means that it really is not me, but the system.

Well, for now I will stop rambling about my opinion of Windows 8 and will return shortly to update you on my projects.


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