Stressed, I’m not STRESSED!

I have to admit, I had a meltdown the other night. You know, one of those moments when nothing is going right and every little thing makes it worse. Well that was me. You can blame it on hormones, lack of sleep, being in pain from a re-occurring back problem. Whatever the cause I had one to many things go wrong and I did not want anymore.

As my hubby and I “talked” (or should I say I fussed and he patiently listened). I came to realize that I hate change. The move across country has been hard on me. I left all my friends, my volunteer positions, my support network, my comfort zone to move 5000 miles. To make it worse, I have to find new doctors, learn new roads, and find a new church. And do all of this while trying to keep a “happy” face for the kids who are also miserable.

I think the icing on the cake was dealing with new technology. You know about my adventures with the new laptop. But we all know that bad news comes in threes. So within 2 weeks, not only did I replace my laptop, but my phone died and I was in an accident that totaled my van.


The good news is no one was hurt. As my daddy always said “THINGS YOU CAN REPLACE, PEOPLE YOU CAN NOT”. I think I am more frustrated than anything. I loved my van. I had it for 9 years. It had 160,000 miles on it, drove great and the best part it was paid for. No for the joy of car shopping.

If you were not aware, April was National Stress Awareness Month. Since it is now May, that means I’m no longer stressed right?


I’m back!

While I have been away the “Life of Momma B” has been busy. First and most importantly, I have a new laptop! This means I will return to blogging so get ready, I have several posts that I have been saving. This also means I have had to learn how to use Windows 8.

For those who have not had the JOY of using it (and I use the term very loosely) you are in for a real treat. As I have stated before I am not overly technical. I consider myself an average computer user with a decent education, but what was Microsoft thinking when they created this.  In my opinion they tried to combine an operating system for a tablet, with its apps, with the existing Windows system.  Closing apps is difficult. I should have realized it would be bad when Windows had to include instructions on how to use the operating system.  I seriously dislike Windows 8. Why did I get it you ask… All of the new laptops come with it so if you are planning on buying a new PC in the near future get ready.

This past weekend my brother-in-law came to visit. He is a techy nerd to the fullest (and I am thankful he is, every family needs one). He is a computer programmer and has lots of experience with technology as a whole. He had not had a chance to try Windows 8 yet, except in the store demo and I was encouraged to find him shaking his head in frustration at the thing.  This means that it really is not me, but the system.

Well, for now I will stop rambling about my opinion of Windows 8 and will return shortly to update you on my projects.

Another one bites the dust

Can you hear the song in your head? Well I can! After two weeks of trying to revive my computer my husband has admitted defeat. Thankfully with the help of my computer savvy brother-in-law, they were able to create a backup of my documents, but a new computer is in my near future.

It seems that after two years I managed to burn out the hard-drive because it kept overheating.  While I was able to recover my documents, I am technologically challenged at this time.  I have dug the old laptop out of the closet that we use for emergencies. But have no fear this Momma B has been busy knitting away.  I will be back soon to update you on all the projects that I have completed.

Computer Crash

Have you ever had one of those weeks. Well mine has been just that! It all began when my computer crashed. The poor thing is just thinking, I get that hideous little blue spiny thingy. It just can’t quite get there. I have tried rebooting, but it won’t boot up fully, it just gets stuck.

I am kicking myself right now. I know I should be backing up regularly, but am I? Of course not! Do you realize how much we depend on electronic devices? I cannot begin to think about what is on my laptop. My sweet husband is trying to figure it out. I am electronically challenged so until he figures it out, I wait.

But don’t worry, I have been busy. I did manage to get Madison’s hat finished and am trying to complete some quick fingerless gloves done before I put the box into the mail.