Basic Hat

Since I am taking a break from dishclothes and working on some different projects, I have tried my hand at a hat.  Remember that I only began knitting a few months ago (see First knitting project) and this is my first time to use double pins.  It took me a little while to figure it out. but after watching many YouTube videos, I set out to tackle a seemingly simple hat pattern I found at

I began with the same turquoise acrylic yarn I used in the scarf. While the pattern used multiple colors, I only used one.  The first problem I discovered was the count was off.  The instructions say to cast on 90 stitches, then for rounds 1-8 -P1, [K2, P2]. If you do this you will not get the pattern pictured.  If you use some basic math skills you will discover that one round is not evenly divided into 90 stitches, round 2 will create a staggered look and the ribs will not line up.  So I was forced to modify the pattern and ended with extra knits where the round ended.

I choose this pattern because of its cute beret style.  As you can see, mine does not look like that.  I had Lily model it and this is what I got.  For the record, Lily is 9 so I guess in order for the hat to flop, you would have to make the bigger size for her.

Basic Hat

Not quite the look I was going for, but it is finished.  I learned a lot from this project.  I also made a set of wristlets to match so stay tuned.


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