Chocolate Marshmallows

OH MY!!! I had no idea how good these were going to be. Yes, I know that chocolate is the answer to all of life’s questions and nothing beats a marshmallow when a sugar craving hits, but who knew these were all that. I could have eaten the whole batch.

Thankfully for my daughter, we made these for her to take to a Father/Daughter Dance with her American Heritage Girl Troop so I was able to contain myself. I had seen these over at Pinterest (my favorite site) but had never actually made them. I figured it could not be that hard so I gave it a try.

chocolate marshmallow

The concept seems pretty easy – insert stick, dip in melted chocolate and cover in sprinkles. However, I did learn a few thing.

1) Inserting the craft stick is harder than it seems. To overcome this, I used a toothpick. I inserted the toothpick all the way through the marshmallow first then inserted the stick. The toothpick became quite gummy so for the batch I used a bunch of toothpicks.

2) You don’t want the chocolate to pool at the bottom of the marshmallow when they are drying. This takes a little patience to allow the chocolate to drain back into the dipping bowl before you put sprinkles on them. This also made these take longer than anticipated.

3) This used a LOT of sprinkles. While I realize my daughter was the one putting the sprinkles on more sprinkles is always better, so next time I need a new bottle before I make these.


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