A break from dishclothes

The week has come to an end, and that means it’s time to post another craft project. As you know I am in the middle of making 12 dishclothes, but I needed a break from the dull beige yarn that I have been working on. My sweet niece, Madison, is turning 10 so I decided to make her a scarf and hat set. She lives in Maryland so she still has a little more cold weather.

Martha Stewart Scarf

The pattern came from Martha Stewart website. I choose a turquoise acrylic yarn. Turquoise because it is Madison’s current favorite color and acrylic because it was the only type available in the color I wanted. I adjusted the pattern a little to make it fit a 10 year old girl versus an adult. I only cast on 28 stitches so it was a little narrower and shortened the length a bit.

This is officially the first thing I have knitted besides dishclothes. This learning to knit has been an adventure. As you can imagine Lily B. is wanting something of her own and the matching hat is not ready yet. I am going to be busy over the next week. But you will have to wait till next week to see the next project.


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