Checkerboard dishcloth – 6 of 12

Well I am halfway complete with my dozen dishclothes as I learn to knit.  If you are just joining me, here are the previous five dishclothes I made.
#1 – Diamond pattern
#2 – Button in a Square
#3 – Basketweave
#4 – Seed stitch
#5 – The letter B

As I said when I learned the seed stitch, I love the texture that it created so I wanted to incorpate it into another one of my dishclothes.  I found a potholder over at that looked interesting. Using this concept I created a dishcloth.

checkerboard dishcloth

The difference between the pattern and what I did was I only knitted with one strand since I didn’t want it extra thick. I also used size 8 needles, since those are the ones I was given and it keeps the stitches same size as the others.


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