Etched Glass

Recently, I had a group of AHG leaders to my house. Being winter time and almost Christmas, I wanted to get each of them a little something. I decided to make coffee cups with their names etched on them.  Below is step by step, how I made them.

combo1. I purchased some clear glass mugs from the local Dollar Store.

2. Using my Cricut, I cut each name out of vinyl.

3. Using a product called Armour Etch, I applied a generous coat over the vinyl.

4. After 8 minutes, I rinsed the Armour Etch off and removed the vinyl.


Here is another image of the final product. I realize it is hard to see the etching, but I hope it helps.

Etched Glass


  • For the names that were too big I used their initials to create a monogram.
  • Make sure the vinyl adheres completely or the image will not be crisp.
  • Be sure to wash each glass thoroughly before using.


  • 10 mugs from Dollar Store – $10.85 (including tax)
  • 3oz bottle of Armour Etch – $5.86 (after my 40% off coupon, including tax). I used less than half of the bottle
  • Vinyl – free since it was left over from another project
  • Total cost – $16.71 or $1.67 each

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