Bell Pepper Casserole

Several years back when I had a garden I grew bell peppers.  The only problem is they never got very big.  I had grand plans of making stuffed bell peppers with them. So I created this dish. It is all the flavor of stuffed bell peppers in a casserole form.

Since then, I have not made true stuffed bell peppers.  This recipe is so much easier, I will never go back.

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Hamburger Vegetable Soup

For all you foodies out there, yesterday was National Homemade Soup Day. On a cold winter day, nothing is better than a bowl of homemade soup.

hamburger vegetable soup

A family favorite around my house is Hamburger Vegetable Soup. It has enough meat to keep the hubby happy and lots of vegetables (carrots, corn, green beans, peas, and celery). I love the recipe because I can throw it in the slow-cooker and have dinner on the table when the hubby gets home from work.


1 lb. of ground beef – browned

2 cups water

6 beef bouillon cubes

1 large can (28 oz) crushed tomatoes

1 small onion diced

1/2 cup diced celery

1 10oz package of frozen mixed vegetables

1 clove of garlic minced

1 teaspoon of oregano

1/8 teaspoon of pepper

Dissolve bouillon in water. Add all ingredients to slow cooker. Cover and cook on low for 5 hours.

The next time the weather is cold and rainy, mix up a batch of Hamburger Vegetable Soup and stay warm.

Here is the recipe card (Hamburger Vegetable Soup)  to add to your collection.


National Zucchini Day

Did you know that today is National Zucchini Day? This is not to be confused with National Zucchini Bread Day which is in April. Who comes up with this stuff?

From what I can tell, National Zucchini Day was developed for all those gardeners with green thumbs to allow them to get rid of their abundance by encouraging them to place unwanted zucchini on their neighbors porch.

Summer PastaSo, if you are fortunate to have a giving neighbor (or want to celebrate this quirky holiday) why not make a batch of Summer Pasta for dinner? This is one of my favorite dishes to make when I’m in a hurry to put dinner on the table. Dinner can be ready in the time it take to cook a batch of spaghetti noodles. Personally, I prefer my zucchini to have some bite left in it and not mushy. This is the perfect answer. (Click here for the recipe)

Summer Pasta

Summer is in full swing. That means hot days and homegrown tomatoes. However, this year all I am getting is cherry tomatoes. My Goliath tomato plant died. And my regular tomatoes are not much bigger than golf balls and they are few and far between. This has left me trying to figure out what to do with all the little tomatoes. So I came up with the following recipe.

Summer Pasta


1 lb. spaghetti noodles

1 Tablespoon olive oil

2 glove garlic minced

1 pint cherry tomatoes halved

1/2 cup sweet white wine

2 zucchini diced

3-4 fresh basil leaves sliced

Cook spaghetti noodles in salted water according to package direction until al dente.

In a large skillet heat olive oil until simmering. Add garlic and cook until softened (about 2 minutes). Add tomatoes and cook another 2 minutes. Add wine, bring to a simmer. Add zucchini and cook for and additional 2 minutes. Then add noodles. Top with fresh basil and serve.

Here is a printable recipe card for you: Summer Pasta