AHG Badge Help – Living and Working in Space #4

As a child I remember how exciting the thought of being an astronaut and walking in space would be.  I could not imagine how breathtaking it would be to watch a sunrise in space, or humbling it would be to look out into the depths of the universe and realize how small the human race is.  As I have grown older, and the space program has changed, I no longer dream of spending months in space away from my family and loved ones.

Requirement #4 of Living and Working in Space allows the girls to imagine what they would look like as an astronaut.  With the aid of digital cameras and the internet, this requirement can be completed very easily for Tenderhearts. Continue reading “AHG Badge Help – Living and Working in Space #4”


AHG Merit Badge Help – Living & Working in Space #16

Have you noticed a space theme in my most recent merit badge help posts?

I am learning a ton in preparing for the summer camp badge classes.  While in the back of my mind, I have known that many of the NASA projects help my life today, I would be hard pressed to tell you what some of those things were. Continue reading “AHG Merit Badge Help – Living & Working in Space #16”