How to Survive Hospital Waiting Rooms

My life is always one full of adventure, some planned, but mostly not. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day, my family has supported the local doctors and hospitals. I have sat in the surgical waiting room 6 times, I have had 2 ER visits and slept in the hospital 5 nights. Mind you, none of this was for me.

Within a 12 hour span my husband had surgery for kidney stones, my dog died, and my father was admitted to the hospital for Flu complications. If I were to write a memoir, I would have to label it as fiction, cause no one would believe it to be true.

A friend told me I should write a book “How to Survive Hospital Waiting Rooms”, but I thought a blog post would be more fitting.

1) Prayer
2) Manners
3) Knitting project
4) Snacks
5) Hard candy

1) PRAYER. This one should be assumed but sometimes we forget that we need prayers as much as the patient does. Prayers for strength and stamina to endure the long sleepless nights. Prayers for our health (We all know how many germs are at the hospital). And prayers for wisdom and discernment – there is always a lot of information to take in and wisdom from the Holy Spirit to ask the right questions is a powerful tool. I don’t think I could of endured without the prayers of friends and family.

2). MANNERS. Like they say, you can catch more flies with honey! Remember the medical staff are human and they have issues in their personal life too. You have no idea what they are dealing with at home or with the patient next door. After a complete communications disaster at Walter Reed, the doctor commented to me how much he appreciated how we handled the situation. I am convinced that if I had gotten upset and lost my temper, he would have been less likely to go above and beyond the call of duty to help us resolve the issue. This does not mean that you are not to be the patients advocate and make sure they get the best care possible, but the words please and thank you can go a long way.

3) KNITTING. Of course I had my knitting. I was able to make progress on several projects sitting at hospitals. Knitting helped the time to pass quickly. It also started conversations with complete strangers. An easier pattern that can be stopped at any point is much better than a tedious one that requires a lot of focus.

4) SNACKS. I can almost guarantee there will be a time when you get hungry and the cafeteria is closed. Vending machines have limited healthy options. My favorite right now is almonds. Find a snack high in protein – this will sustain you and help your blood sugar not to crash. That is not messy – Cheeto fingers and knitting do not mix. The snack must be able to endure being tossed about and man handled – peanut butter crackers tend to crumble into a million pieces at the bottom of my bag.

5) HARD CANDY. This has been a life saver (pun intended). A piece of hard candy has enough sugar to give you a boost but not kill your diet. It can satisfy thirst in a pinch (please no one write how this does not work, creating saliva in your mouth means you can hold off drinking another bottle of water knowing you should be nearby and if you leave for the bathroom the doctor will show up). And, depending on the type of candy, fresh breathe us always a plus when talking to other people.

P.S. No, I did not kill the dog, even after she ate my knitting, but rather she had congestive heart failure.

“Who you are is where you were when”

My daddy used to always say “Who you are is where you were when”.  Meaning the events we experience in life effect who we are. For my generation September 11, 2001 is one of those days, along with the beginning of the Persian Gulf War. For my parent’s generation life changing events include the assassination of John F. Kennedy. While my grandparents were impacted by such events as the bombing of Pearl Harbor and D-Day. Since today is the twelfth anniversary of the day none of us will forget, I would like to share where I was when the twin towers fell.

Sept 11

I was living in Alabama. I had already “retired” to be able to raise my family. My oldest was 16 months old and was a happy, active BOY. The morning started like any other and my hubby had left for work. I had the Today Show on the television when the first plane hit. After the second plane when we realized what was going on, the first thing I did was call my husband. I could not believe what was going on. There were so many unknowns.

I spent the rest of the morning on the phone with 2 of my girlfriends. We all had young boys close in age and lived life together. The three of us were watching the news while taking care of our boys, so if any of us heard any news we would call the others. Life does not stop for much when you have a 16 month old. Our husbands later called us the HNN (Hen News Network).

By lunch time, I realized that there was nothing I could do but pray. Watching the television replay the same images repeatedly was heart breaking. Never before had I imagined such a scenario. There were so many unanswered questions and no one knew what would happen next. Throughout the day, everytime I would worry, all I could do was pray and force myself not to turn on the television.

This one event brought this country to our knees. The next Sunday, churches across the nation were packed. As time passed and the images were not in our face each day, we returned to the life we had before September 11th. Pictures are floating through the internet claiming that we will never forget, yet our everyday actions have not changed (unless you are flying and have to go through airport security).

If the saying “Who you are is where you were when” is true, are we really any different after experiencing September 11th, 2001?

NOTE: Upon researching my father’s saying I learned that this is a modification of Morris Massey management theory “What you are is where you were when.”  He believed that lives experiences affect what motivates us, and how management needs to relate to each generation to motivate them.

Praying for Preslee Lynn


Let me introduce you to a sweet little girl from Katy, Texas. Her name is Preslee. Preslee Lynn was involved in a major car accident, far away from home in North Carolina, she sustained horrible injuries to her head and internal organs and is need as many prayers as we can get!! Pray warriors hit your knees and PRAY PRAY PRAY.  Please include Preslee’s family in your prayers as they have rushed to her bedside and need you to lift them up in prayer!!!

If you would like updates or to see how you can help this family check out their facebook page HERE.