How much is that Doggy in the window?

Today she is available for free!!!!

While at the yarn store the other day, I found this gorgeous yarn on sale.  It is a super soft boucle.  I purchased three skeins and was determined to knit a light weight throw blanket from it.

A little over a week into the project (and 600 yards), I woke up to find my project had become a midnight snack for my four-legged friend, Poppy. The project was on a set of my interchangeable circular needles.  Poppy ate through the cording. The remaining cord was chewed up, making it almost impossible to remove the project without snagging the yarn.

I began with a free pattern written by Varina Jones that I downloaded from Ravelry (here).  However, the texture of the yarn did not work well with the pattern and I quickly dropped the lace work and only used the increase, to create a square blanket.

As you can imagine, I was very irritated with this project. Between the pattern, yarn texture, a few places where I messed up and had to rip out, and the dog, this project was doomed to fail. I decided to trash the project and move on to another project sitting in my to-do-pile.  Even if I had rescued the work, I would never be happy with it, so I might as well start over with the remaining two skeins and a new pattern.

On to other projects. Happy knitting!









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