Orange Eggnog Bread

Today is National Eggnog Day! Whether you drink it straight or with a little rum, it is a Christmas staple.  My parents even mixed it with Coca-Cola.  Eggnog can also be used to flavor this delightful quick bread.

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Cranberry Orange Compote

I grew up eating Cranberry Jelly – you know that gelatinous stuff from a can. It was a staple at my house as a kid and I hated it. Twice a year my mom pulled out a special crystal dish, that was only used for cranberry sauce.

Fast forward some 30 plus years and I’m still serving that same stuff. The only difference is my kids and hubby like it and we have it throughout the year.

But there is a better option! When I can get fresh cranberries I make homemade Cranberry Orange Compote. Not only does it make Thanksgiving a little more special, it does not contain any mystery ingredients that I am happy ignoring on the label of a can of cranberry jelly.

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Living in Florida and having wonderful neighbors means more oranges than I can use.  It seems that every couple of days they show up with another bag of oranges. While it has helped my grocery budget because I am not buying as much fruit, the kids are getting tired of them.  The solution – Ambrosia.

What is ambrosia you ask… According to Wikipedia it is a food of the Greek god’s that confers immortality to whoever eats it. While by no means will I claim that it gives immortality, I know it is loaded with Vitamin C.


Ambrosia has been a family favorite at Christmas time at my house for many years. My mother even had a special bowl we always put the ambrosia in. While I am not held to tradition, we have eaten several large bowls of ambrosia lately. It is a quick fruit salad to put together. Continue reading “Ambrosia”