A Pair of Fingerless Mitts

To complete the Racing Horse scarf and hat set, I also knitted a pair of fingerless mitts.  Unlike the first two projects, the mitts are not double knit. They are only one layer with a smaller version of the checker-board.

I used a free-pattern that I have used several other times.  If you would like the pattern, it can be found on Ravelry (here).  This is a fabulous pattern and can easily be altered to match any project.  I have used it to create a pair of speckled mitts, and a solid purple pair.

Happy Knitting!


Off to the Races – A Double Knit Scarf

My niece loves horses!  I stumbled across this pattern a few years back and had been putting it off because it was double knit.  Last year, I bit the bullet and tackled a new skill.  I am happy the holiday’s are over and I can now share the project with you.

The double knitting did take a little while to wrap my brain around, but once I got the hang of it, the scarf moved along.  I do admit that double knitting takes longer than knitting two separate scarves, but I love how it turned out. As you can see in the photo above, one side is teal green sparkly yarn with brown horses, the other is brown with teal horses.  Double knitting did create a super warm scarf that will be great in cold weather. The scarf became the foundation piece for an entire set.
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Fingerless Mitts

For those who have been with me over the past 2 months, you will know that I decided to make a gift set for my niece whose birthday is in March. It began with a simple scarf in her favorite color. Next, I tackled doubled points and made a basic hat. I figured that no set is complete without a pair of gloves.

Gloves, I may be crazy, but I am not insane. With my limited knitting experience I knew better that to tackle a pair of gloves. I have not even looked to see how you would make those little fingers. But I had seen a better option on Pinterest – Finglerless Mitts. After looking several patterns I found that are 2 basic styles – A square that is sewn together, and those knitted in a tube. I opted for the tube style.

It all began with a pattern I found at My Jewel Thief Knits.  Missy Angus created a cute set with button flap embellishments. I opted to not include the button flaps, but used the pattern. The set is now complete.

Fingerless Mitts

Update: This weekend Madison came to visit. She told me how much she loved them, and wanted me to teach her how to knit. I guess I did okay.