Fingerless Mitts

ligonberry mittsA couple of weeks ago the phone rang.  Caller ID identified the caller as my sister. Answering it as I usually do, I was surprised to hear the sweet voice of my niece on the other end.  “Aunt Rebecca, would you make me another pair of gloves?”  My heart swelled with pride.  How could I say no! Continue reading “Fingerless Mitts”


I’m back

To all my faithful readers, I send my apologies.  I have been absent for a month now because my life has been extremely chaotic.  Let me explain.

Late this summer my husband was laid off. (Yay – gotta love that!) Thankfully we knew that it was coming and had a few months to prepare a little.  He was un-employed for almost two months (that alone will change your schedule and routine).  However, after searching and applying for many jobs he was not able to find one in Florida. He has taken a job in Texas. But as always, God is good! With the severance we received, we did not miss a pay-check. Continue reading “I’m back”

Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite things about the Christmas holidays is that we get to take a break from our normal routine and spend time with family.  As the kids have gotten older it seems harder than ever to stop the crazy busy schedule.  Yet, it is so important.  It won’t be long until they are gone and out on their own.

Each year we set up two trees. The main family tree is our memory tree. A tradition I picked up from my parents is every time we go someplace new or special we pick up a new ornament.  So decorating the Christmas tree is like a walk down memory lane.  “Remember when we went to __________”  and “Yeah, and ___________, that was so much fun”  Each year we pick up 4 to 6 ornaments. So after seventeen years of marriage it is quite full. It is one of my favorite family traditions.

The other tree in my house is the kids tree. It is full of ornaments that the kids have made.  It is a little scrawny tree that they decorate themselves, from the lights to the decorations.  Each year we take time to craft something new.

Ornaments Continue reading “Christmas Ornaments”

Another year comes to a close

I have been AWOL lately. Life has once again got in the way with my blog. But have no fear, I am back. The latest move has really taken a toll on me. I managed to get everything moved, a few rooms painted and ready for Christmas.

I must admit that with only a week between the arrival of the last of our things and family arriving for Christmas, December was more hectic than usual. I got to spend a week with my dad, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. This is the first time in long while we have all been together for Christmas. While there are still lots of boxes to sort through, everything worked out. And to my nieces delight, I was able to put up the big tree this year and not “The World’s Cheapest Christmas Tree“. It was the best Christmas I have had in a long time. The old saying proved true this year, “it’s not what’s under the tree but those around it.”

As 2013 comes to a close, I cannot help but look back over the past 364 days. Last year at this time, I asked “what is it that I do best?” Obviously, this is outside of my roles as wife, mother and homeschool teacher, but what is it that I do best.  I still love to cook and my passion for that continues to grow. My interest in knitting is growing and my skills are improving. This is all due to your encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. For those who follow me, thank you!

I am excited about what the new year holds. So good bye 2013 and HELLO 2014.