I’m back

To all my faithful readers, I send my apologies.  I have been absent for a month now because my life has been extremely chaotic.  Let me explain.

Late this summer my husband was laid off. (Yay – gotta love that!) Thankfully we knew that it was coming and had a few months to prepare a little.  He was un-employed for almost two months (that alone will change your schedule and routine).  However, after searching and applying for many jobs he was not able to find one in Florida. He has taken a job in Texas. But as always, God is good! With the severance we received, we did not miss a pay-check.

This means that we are having to sell our home.  From the time he received the job offer and the time he left, we had about 10 days.  During this time we took a mini-vacation as a family to Key West. Going to mile marker 0 has been on our to-do-list for a while and we realized this might be our last chance.  Frantically, after we returned from Key West, I packed him up and sent him to Texas with a car full of belongings.

This left me to get the house ready by myself.  Since we bought our home two years ago we have dragged it out of the 80’s kicking and screaming.  When we bought the house it was full of wallpaper and dark brown baseboards. Oh, and lets not forget the mauve curtains.

However, the one task that we had been putting off was painting all of the baseboards.  We knew that we would need to replace the carpet in a few years, and planned to do it at that time. I have spent the last month painting those baseboards and preparing to put the house up for sale.  Every baseboard, chair molding, crown molding and door has been painted. It took between 3 and 4 coats of paint to cover them up. I used 4 gallons of paint.

This has left me utterly exhausted.  Between playing single parent, homeschooling and painting, I had little time for anything else. Knitting and blogging were not on my list.  As much as I yearned to have a quiet hour with my needles and yarn – it did not happen.

But have no fear! I am back.  I now have lots of home projects to share with you.

Thanks for understanding,
Momma B


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