No Cowboys Here

Recently I was asked to make a sign for a friend.  Her daughter is all about horses.  She provided the sign and I provided the vinyl.

We began with a pre-made sign available at the craft store.  For less than $15 my friend was able to find this wood sign already painted. This meant we were able to create this project from start to finish in under one hour (or what should have been under an hour).

The hardest part was selecting a font.  We spent way to long looking for just the right font.  I love that my Cricut allows me to cut any font that I have on my computer, and since I was not selling the item, I did not have to worry about copyrights.  The word “Cowboy” and “Horse” were cut from the Cowboy Junk Demo font created by Pizzadude. The remaining words were cut using the Britannic Bold font created by Wagner & Schmidt.

Happy crafting.


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