Lucky Cupcakes

Last year I made a set of St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes.  Since I was not able to post them right away, I saved them for this year. 

Supplies needed:

  • white fondant
  • yellow fondant
  • fondant roller
  • ruffled circle cutter – 2 inch
  • gumpaste glue
  • Alphabet mini cutters (the letter “U”)
  • ball tool
  • gold airbrush paint
  • food grade, paint brush
  • green sugar sprinkles

Step 1: Roll white fondant to about 1/4 inch thickness and cut out a ruffled circle base for each cupcake. Sprinkle with green sugar and eet aside.

Step 2:  Roll yellow fondant to about 1/4 inch thickness and cut a letter “U” for each cupcake.  Using a small ball tool, make impression into the letter.

Step 3: Using gold airbrush paint and paint brush, apply a thin layer of color to the horseshoe to add a little bling.  Allow to dry.

Step 4:  Attach the horseshoe to the fondant circle with gumpaste glue.

Step 5: Bake a batch of green cupcakes (I use Pillsbury Funfetti Vibrant Green Cupcake and Cake Mix).  Top with white frosting and add fondant topper.




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