Entrelac Blanket

Do you remember my post last summer when I shared my first Entrelac project (here)? I hinted at a much larger project to come, and I can finally share it with you.

For my cousins recent wedding, I created this gorgeous, cream colored blanket. This was a massive project.  In the early stages, I was able to carry it with me when I went out, but in the end it was too big to take most places.

I did get the opportunity to “test” it on a drizzly Sunday afternoon, after working on it for several hours.  The soft texture of the slightly bulky yarn was a great plus.

I did learn a few things from this project:
1. Entrelac Knitting is a yarn hog – I used over a mile and a half of slightly bulky yarn.

2.  Always buy more yarn than you think you will need. – Lesson learned when I had to drive to the other side of the metroplex to get more yarn (thankfully I found another store with the same dye lot).

3.  Start early, it will take you longer than you think.  – I was literally still knitting this the night before the wedding (shhh, don’t tell the bride).

4. Entrelac knitting take more time than other knitting patterns, but is so worth it.  During the early stages, I received several compliments.  Everyone wanted to know how I did it!  And the best compliment I received was a squeel of delight from the bride.

For Christmas my sister got me a book full of Entrelac patterns, and I already have several projects picked out.  So hold on, there will me more Entrelac Knitting in my future.

Happy Knitting.




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