M&M cake

M&M cake templateThe other day, I baked up a treat for my hubby to take to work.  This surprisingly simple M&M cake is always a hit, and I have made it several times. 

The key to making this cake is having the right cake plate.  I use a crystal plate with a rim to keep the candy around the cake.

I began with a single layer of chocolate cake (We all know that M&M candies have a chocolate center, and so must the cake).  One 8 inch round cake works perfectly.

The cake was covered in a layer a blue decorator’s frosting.  I did skip the border on the bottom of the cake, since the cake is surrounded by candy and cannot be seen.

To create the iconic “M” on the top of the cake, I made a template. A small piece of white fondant was rolled thin and then cut with a knife to match the “M”.  I set the fondant piece aside to dry overnight.

I waited until my husband was ready to leave for work the next morning to place the “M” on the cake and poured a bag of candy pieces around the cake.  By not assembling the cake until the last minute, the moisture from the cake and frosting does not affect the candy.

Hope you enjoy.










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