Calla Lily Cake

Recently, I took a Fondant and Gumpaste Cake Decorating class.  Gumpaste flowers are something I have wanted to learn for a long time.  This has sparked my passion for cake decorating once again.  I began by making 3 gum paste Calla Lillies.  The stamens were coated in yellow sanding sugar.  Once they dried I added yellow petal dust to the inside of the flowers.

The leaves were also made with gum paste.  Using a veining mat, I added texture that was enhanced by green petal dust.

Before I made the cake I also made the bow loops with a 50/50 fondant / gum paste mixture to aid in the drying.

When I was ready to decorate the cake, I began by frosting the cake with Decorator’s Frosting.  Next, the cake was covered in fondant. The stems were added to the flowers and placed on top of the cake along with the bow and leaves.

I created a scallop border using a scallop cutter and a #5 decorating tip to punch the holes.







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