Captain America Hat Now on Etsy

captamericaI am excited to introduce a new line of products for my Etsy Shop, super hero hats.  Today I would like to introduce to you my Captain America inspired hat.

captamerica2This hat features red, white and blue stripes along with a white star upon the top of the hat.  It resembles the shield Captain America uses.

Did you know that Captain America has been around since 1941? Even though he was retired for a short time (1950-1964), he is an iconic super hero.  Unlike traditional super heroes, he does not have super-human ablity, but with his Vita-Ray treatment he has  strength, endurance, agility, speed, and reflexes to conquer his foe.

If you are interested in purchasing this hat, it can be found in my Etsy store.

For my talented knitting friends a similar pattern can be found on Ravelry.

Check back to see which other super heroes will be featured next.






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