Wordless Wednesday


AHG Badge Help – Our Flag #21

I love this time of year, flags waving… everyone wearing red, white and blue… pretending it is not hot.

Each year our AHG troop participates in the local 4th of July parade. This is the perfect time for a PiPa who is working on the Our Flag badge to take the lead. Requirement #21 has the girl create a booklet of patriotic songs and teach them to a younger unit. Continue reading “AHG Badge Help – Our Flag #21”

AHG Merit Badge – Dawn of Our Country #21

Are you familiar with the artist John Trumbull?  He was one of several artist during the Revolutionary War.  Growing up in a political family, Trumbull knew many of our country’s founding fathers and witnessed the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Despite being blind in one eye, Trumbull went on to paint over 250 pieces of art.  Due to the high quality and historical accuracy of his work, he was commissioned in 1817 to recreate 4 of his smaller paintings that now hang in the Capital Rotunda in Washington DC.  Continue reading “AHG Merit Badge – Dawn of Our Country #21”