I admit that I have a slight addiction to SWAPS.  They are such a fun part of any multi-troop event.  When searching for inspiration, I often find SWAPS that are inspired by other scouting-type organizations that do not carry over to American Heritage Girls.  So I wanted to make unique SWAPS that are exclusive to AHG.

This SWAP is a very simple to make.

  1. Print the oath on cardstock.  Here is a pdf for you to download.
  2. Cut out the rectangles.  There are 20 per page.
  3. Write your name and troop number on the back of each page.
  4. Place it in a 2×3″ zipper bag along with a pinch of confetti.
  5. Add a saftey pin.
  6. SWAP







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1 Response to AHG Oath SWAP

  1. Susan M says:

    I love all your AHG ideas – and this swap is great. I can’t wait to do this with my girls!

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