I can CABLE, can you?

bias cable scarfAt the beginning of 2015, I set my goal to learn how to cable.  I watched many a YouTube video, read blogs and looked at instructions. While it did not look overly complicated, I had yet to find the right project for it. I have finally accomplished the task and used cabling to complete a project.

After making my daughter a pair of Lazy Rib Fingerless Mitts, she needed a matching scarf.  She did some searching and requested this pattern.  I decided no time like the present to use a new skill.  Armed with my #7 needles and a cable needle, I set to work.

I am here to tell you that cabling is not overly difficult.  It just requires a little more brain power than mindlessly knitting row after row in front of the television.  Now that I have completed my first cable project, I see me using this more in the future.

Happy Knitting.


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