Five part flower headband

Five part flowerLooking for last minute Christmas gift? Need a stocking-stuffer for a little girl?  Why not knit up a simple headband with a flower.  The color combinations are endless.

I began with some purple sparkle yarn left in my stash from a blanket I knitted long ago. The headband is a simple beginners project. Using lightweight yarn, cast on 7. Knit each row until desired length.  Cast off and sew ends together.  This part was not rocket science.

Then, I knitted the flower. I found a free pattern on L J Lowe’s Blog. This is a simple flower where each petal is made separately and then joined.  With four basic stitches – knit, purl, slip one knit wise, and slip one purl wise – you too can complete this flower.

Happy Knitting.


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