Pinch Proof

shamrock headbandHappy St. Patrick’s Day! To help my daughter be pinch proof today, I made her a headband. I began with a free shamrock pattern I found on the To Live A Life blog. It is basically three hearts that were sewn together.

I attached it to a plastic headband with some hot glue.  Next week (after St. Patrick’s Day) I will be able to remove it easily. The hot glue will simply peel off. Continue reading “Pinch Proof”


Gathered headband

My last couple of knitting projects has been gifts for other people, so I wanted to make something for my daughter that could be completed quickly. I found this basic headband here. I took basic idea and made it my own.

gathered headband

As I said this was supper easy and can be explained best in 3 steps.

STEP 1: Use size 8 needles, I cast on 20 stitches using a long-tail cast on. I used a simple garter stitch until I reached 18 inches. To create a nice edge I slipped the first stitch in each row purlwise. When you reach 18 inches be sure that you have knitted an even number of rows so when you cast off your tails are opposite each other. Then cast off as usual but leave a long tail.

STEP 2: Use one of your tails to join the cast on and cast off edge. Then pull gently until it gathers in the center. This will put both tails on the same side of the project.

STEP 3: Hold the two tails together and wrap the section that you have gathered until you have covered the center. On the back of the headband tie off the tails.

gathered headband step by step