Orange Peel Cupcakes

Outdoor CookingWhile camping, the meal options are endless, but dessert does not have to be limited to s’mores. Next time you go camping try Orange Peel Cupcakes.  We made these while working on the Outdoor Cooking Merit Badge (#21).

orange cupcakeI began with a campfire that had burned down to coals. This is the hardest part. If the fire is too hot they will burn, but if it is too cool they will not cook. It will take a little practice to get this part right.

I removed the top of the orange and removed all of the orange with a spoon (go ahead and eat it, we called it “appetizers”). I then filled the orange peel 2/3rds full with cake batter.  After wrapping it in foil, I cooked it for 30 minutes.

Since this was a family cookout, I used a half-sized package of cake batter and it was enough to fill 6-8 oranges depending on the size of the oranges.


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