Rubber Ducky

duckMy husband loves rubber duckies.  I guess you can say he is a kid at heart.  He even has a collection of different ducks.  I knew I needed a place to put them so they would not overtake the master bath. Thankfully, our house has a unique half-bath in the laundry room.  It is right off the garage and makes a great mud-room and a place to display his ducks.  I created a simple canvas sign to go with his collection.

I began with a 10×10 canvas that I painted light gray with the same paint I painted the walls with.

Next I added dark grey chevron and a duck I found in one of the kids coloring books.  To add the chevron pattern and the duck I used the same carbon technique I used in the first canvas that I made earlier this year.  (Canvas Signs Made Easy)

With this simple carbon method the possibilities are endless.

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1 Response to Rubber Ducky

  1. needeanshu says:

    Hi there.. That’s a beautiful collection.. Soo lovely.. ☺😍

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