Gardening and Plant Science #17

Gardening%20All-thumbWith summer break coming up, now is the perfect time to work on Gardening and Plant Science Optional requirement #17.

As a parent with a black thumb, I’m excited that Lily is learning to be a little more of a gardener.  Maybe, she can keep my house plants alive.

This optional requirement examines the conditions needed for an onion set to germinate. While I don’t plan on growing onions it applies to most other plants. To help with this project I have created a two page printable.

Gardening and Plant Science 17

The first page (not pictured above) contains the parts of the scientific process. If you are completing this activity with a younger Explorer, it is optional.

I must warn you, after a few days the onion begins to smell. Lily and I “cheated” on this requirement. She only wore hers for 6 days. At this time, it had already sprouted and we could no longer tolerate the smell.  I would not encourage you to try this project during the school year (unless you homeschool).

If you would like to use the two-page pdf file I created, click on the image above.

Onion sets can be found in the garden center of most home improvement stores. (We found ours at WalMart.)

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NOTE: The requirements have been greatly simplified here. Please be sure to read the full text in the Girl Handbook to make sure you fully understand the requirements.

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