Look Mom, my first moustache

Browsing through Pinterest one day, I came across these adorable finger moustaches and my daughter wanted one. Since I rarely knit for my own family, other than dishcloths, how could I say no to this little project.

finger moustache

I had procrastinated making it, for I dislike having more than one incomplete project in my knitting bag at any time. But, I gave in one night when I needed a break from a larger project that I have been working on for a couple of weeks (I will share it later, but right now it is still a secret). I’m so glad I did for it turned out very cute.

I grabbed some yarn from my stash along with my trusty #6 needles and set to work. This pattern is knitted flat and then seamed together. I decided to use a provisional cast on and to finish it with a Kitchener stitch. It turned out well, but it was a little large. She could put two fingers inside of it.

When my son saw it completed he decided he wanted one too. So I gave him the first one and made a smaller one for my daughter. This time I opted for my standard long-tail cast on and whipped stitched the edges. I also decreased the pattern by two rows, one at the beginning and one at the end. This one turned out the right size for her.

If I make these again I will use the second method of casting on and finishing. It is more based on a personal preference; the extra time spent making the first one did not warrant the difference. This is more of a personal preference as I was able to complete the second one in less time. I was able to knit both of these in one night.

A copy of the pattern can be found here.

Happy knitting.


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