The cleanest Santa In town

I am determined to catch up on my blog. So bear with me while I clean out my photo file.

Santa SoapLast year I turned a bottle of hand soap into a snowman. This Christmas I decided to do something a little different to add a little Christmas cheer to the bathrooms – Introducing the Cleanest Santa in Town. 

Now a days you can find hand soap in a variety of colors and scents.  I chose a soap from Soft Soap’s winter collection, Spiced Berry.  In less than one hour, including dry time, I had this creation ready for action.

Step one – remove the label. I have found that rubbing alcohol and a cotton round helps to remove the sticky residue that is left.

Step two – use acrylic craft paint to create the details.  First, I added the white fur and black belt.  After it had dried, I added the yellow belt buckle.

Step three – when all the paint is dry, wash your hands.

Even though this is a fairly basic project.  I did discover that I was able to scrape any unwanted dry paint off with my finger nails.  So grab a bottle of hand soap and some paint and have fun.



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