Snowman Ornament

I found a cute snowman ornament on Ravelry, and knew I wanted to make one.  So onto the needles he went.

Snowman ornament with free pattern | Life of Momma BHowever, I soon discovered the pattern stinks.

As the snowman body knits up it does not decrease. The pattern writer does not have a decrease at the end / top of the head.  So, after row 24, I K2tog around the rows until I was left with 6 stitches and then I tied it off.

The other major issue I found was the scarf.  Their pattern uses a braid of three strands.  This does not match the example on Ravelry.  To make the scarf I cast on 4 stitches and knitted as a garter stitch.  Once it was long enough to cover the front of the snowman I cast off the first and last stitch. I continued knitting the remaining two stitches until it was long enough to wrap around the neck.  Then, I cast on an additional two stitches; one as the first stitch, one as the last. Once the front tab was the same length as the back tab, I cast off all the stitches.

The eyes and buttons were made of beads.  To make the carrot nose, I used a piece of  orange yarn and tied a series of knots, similar to the feet I made for the hamster I knit previously. To make the ornament hanger, I ran a piece of red yarn through the hat with a yarn needle and tied the two ends together with a square knot.



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