Take a Chill Pill

Chill Pill with free pattern | Life of Momma BWe all have days when we need to take a few minutes and relax. But we know people who need more than just a few minutes to relax – they need to take a CHILL PILL. So in honor of National Pharmacist Day, I wanted to share this project with you.

I found a free pattern for the chill pill on another blog. However, when I began knitting the pattern I hated it, so I changed to the pattern I used for the hamsters.  With a little modification it was the perfect pattern.

Begin with red yarn. Rows 1-3 are the same as the original hamster pattern.  Rows 4-15 knit. Using the jogless join method, switch to white and knit rows 16-27.  Rows 28-30: decrease per the original hamster pattern.

I added the face details before I began the decrease.  The eyes are a pair of glass 6/0 beads. The mouth is embroidered using the tail of the red yarn.



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