A Hat for Beth

From the designer of the Miranda Hat comes the Beth Hat.

Beth Hat from Life of Momma B

The original pattern for this hat is very much like the Easy Charity Hat that I shared yesterday. This hat was a quick knit using some more of the bulky yarn I had left over from the blanket I knitted for Lily. However, I did make some changes to the pattern.

First I used size 8 needles since I do not own a size 9 dpn that they recommended.  I only placed a one inch rib band on the bottom. This was the result of watching TV while knitting. I guess I was paying more attention to the show than to the hat, but it still worked out.  After completing the Easy Charity Hat, I decided to only knit 5.5 inches before beginning the decrease.  This was just a matter of personal preference, since the Easy Charity Hat seemed a little tall for my taste.

This hat will be added to the box of other hats headed to Kenya. I sure hope some little girl will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed knitting it.

You can find the free pattern here is you would like to make one.


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