Zig-Zag Blanket

A little over a year ago I began making a blanket / throw for my daughter. Well it is finally done.

This project began strong. I found a pattern a free pattern on-line and started knitting.  In the beginning I was able to take it with me, but it soon grew too large. Then when I missed the original deadline of my daughter’s birthday, the project was set aside.  At one point I even lost the thing and could not work on it.  But here it is, all finished.

Zig-zag blanket

The blanket is approximately 40 x 60 inches and weighs 2 pounds. The pattern is light and airy. The yarn selected makes it extra soft and warm.  I used 715 yards each of Jo-Ann Rainbow Classic in Solid Pink and Lavender Pink Multi.  I also used about 200 yards of Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn in Sparkle Purple (the same yarn used for this snood).

In addition to losing the blanket, I also lost the original source of the pattern.  I know I modified the pattern to achieve the desired size and pattern variation. To the rightful owner of the pattern I do apologize.


Needles: Size 8, 29 inch circular needles

Cast on 209 stitches (or any multiple of 13 plus one)

Row 1: Sl1p, [K2tog, K3, Kfkb, Kfkb, K4, K2tog] repeat till end of row.

Row 2: Sl1p, knit to end of row

By repeating these two rows and alternating colors the pattern was achieved. Each set of dark purple was two rows, while the solid pink and muli-color sections were twenty rows each.

Again, to the rightful owner of this pattern I deeply apologize. Please know that I am diligent in crediting the designer.


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