Dream Big

Recently our AHG troop had a lock-in centered around the book Frieda B. Herself by Renata Bowers. Frieda B. is a young girl with a big imagination, and she is a big dreamer. She shows us that we too can dream big. And God can use those dreams to bless others.  To learn more about Frieda B, check out her website here.

But I digress… here is the SWAP we made for the night.

Dream Cloud SWAP / www.LifeofMommaB.wordpress.com

If you would like to make this SWAP, it is super easy. Begin by printing the file below and cut along the solid line.  Fold each piece of paper in half and write your name and troop number on the blank section (which will become the back of the SWAP). Then place a single cotton ball in a 2×3 inch jewelry bag. Attach the paper header with a staple and add a safety pin.

Dream Cloud SWAP Topper

Hope you enjoy, and keep dreaming.





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